I suspect trouble in Stankonia

Either Big Boi is in denial or he’s all out of ideas about what to rap about.

I mean, seriously, if all is well in the Dungeon Family and OutKast is fine, why must you defend yourself constantly?

Take these lyrics from his new single “Morris Brown” for example:

“And everybody wanna know
what’s really going on
Is you and 3000 still makin’ songs?
so on and so on
I can go o-on and oh-on
and on and on and on
Hell yes.”

Not only is it not convincing, it’s boring and uncreative. Like he had a bar to fill and didn’t know what to do with it.

Big Boi: Oh, I’ll just say “on and on” over and over. They’ll like it.

Well, I didn’t Big Boi. I didn’t.

Thankfully, Big Boi isn’t the focus of the song. The hook and bridge and basically every part that Big Boi isn’t a part of is great, thanks to Scar and Sleepy Brown, and the great marching band beat.

As for yours and Andre’s relationship…. we’ll see. You keep saying y’all are okay, but you’re a little obsessed about telling us. I mean, who are you trying to convince?

I think the truth will reveal itself in the next year or so.

And I gotta say of my expectations of the actual album Idlewild, I am reminded of certain lyrics from one Andre 3000 from their song “Rosa Parks”:

“…Kinda sour ’cause my favorite group ain’t comin’ wit’ it
But I’m witcha you cause you probably goin through it anyway
But anyhow when in doubt went on out and bought it
Cause I thought it would be jammin but examine all the flawsky-wawsky
Awfully, it’s sad and it’s costly, but that’s all she wrote
And I hope I never have to float in that boat.”

I like that part. Flow’s crazy, but I’m afraid it might be applicable to this situation. Andre, I love y’all, but my hopes for this album are very low. “The Mighty O” is an awesome song. When I heard it, my expectations shot straight up. But “Morris Brown” shows that Big Boi isn’t trying very hard. Either that or he’s trying too hard to keep y’all together and coming really weak lyrically. I’m afraid you’re about to be floating in the very boat you hoped against 8 years ago.

I’m not alone in my suspicions. XXL also suspects something is wrong.

But, when in doubt….

I’ll buy your album, but it better be good, or you’ll get another blog from me and it won’t be a good one.

‘Til August 22nd….


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2 Comments on “I suspect trouble in Stankonia”

  1. Holly Says:

    K like I have said before, Ryan u are talented, I don’t totally get what u are saying HALF the time……anymore, because I havne’t been as uptodate with everthing in the music world lately…..I blame myself for that…music was my world before and now….Kobe is, and that’s not a bad thing..BUT i miss my music…..k anyways lol that was a good read….luv ya man

  2. better'n'u Says:

    I’ve known this after Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. It is a known fact that the reason everyone loved the two solo album/group package was because of The Love Below. Big Boi seemed to just rush his part in because Andre was well on his way to finishing.

    It’s extremely typical of rap. Take Jay-Z for example. The whole reason he was cocky was because he spit out an album a day and started taunting those who took their time. Kanye doesn’t rush shit. If he did, his sophomore would sound like Eminem trying to do Tupac. Disasterous.

    We need a movie from Big Boi, How The Has-Been Player Got His Groove Back. (starring Tom Hanks)

    Andre, on the other hand, should just stick to music. I don’t care how lovable he is in movies. His acting ability is… what acting ability?

    And please, don’t link us to utter tripe like XXL. As much as I agree on points made, the writer just wanted to sound black and pulled off some shit writing that totally killed the discussion. I don’t want to read ebonics, I want to read a discussion.

    But, double edged sword, it made me appreciate your article more. You write better than those grade 3 rejects in that rag.

    Cheers dude.

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